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Nicole and Katelyn
Musya and Mura

Our real full time job is to be a perfect parents for our 2 beautiful daughters, Nicole and Katelyn. We love them from bottom of our hearts.

Nicole was a gift to us from the God on our 5 years anniversary, January 29th. And Katelyn was my gift to Gino for his 30th birthday July 1st. 

So as you can see we love gifts :)

Cats are like potate chips, you can't have just one!

Two fluffy sisters. It was my gift from Yevgen on st. Valentine Day!! I was so surprised. They part of our family. We don't understand how people can live without pets. All our apartments are pet friendly!

He moved in to the USA in 2007 from Ukraine. Yevgen spent 4 years at University to get his bachelor degree in Finance and 2 years to get his Master degree in same major as a bachelor degree. Yevgen has everything to be a founder of rental property business. He is licenced real estate agent since 2017. Yevgen likes to travel, box, sport and good old movies. When he get a chance to go out of town he'd love to do snowboarding and skiing, or fishing with friends in summer time. Yevgen is crazy about MMA/UFC fight. 

She moved in to the United State from Russian Federation when she was 20 years old. Maria has Business degree. 3 years she spent to be an accountant for local company in Pittsburgh, PA but she didn't see her future as a boring office manager. Right now she is a housewife and looking forward to develop family business. Maria in love with snowboarding and skiing, hiking, rafting, camping. She likes to travel, to be in new places, takes pro pictures and just hangs out with her friends. Check out her page

In the 2008, M&Y Pittsburgh Rooms LLC founders, a young family, was trying to find a nice apartment to rent near downtown Pittsburgh — the problem was, there weren’t any — oh there were apartments, just nothing clean, new and cool. And there was nothing un-apartment-like. So, Maria & Yevgen rescued a few buildings at mt Washington and Beechview neighborhoods, and renovated them from the ground up to be clean, new and very cool. The result? Creatively and sustainably renovated houses, run with utter respect for each resident. 

M is for Maria
Y is for Yevgen


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